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Boost Your Chances to Conceive 
Your Dream Girl or Boy.

Science-backed & Simple 💚 

‘After my son, I really wanted to have a baby girl.’

- Dr Julia Carless, Founder, Gender Sway

Hi, I'm Julia. Over ten years ago, I became a mum to a beautiful baby boy. After his birth, my dream of having a daughter led me into the captivating world of gender swaying—a subject I've tirelessly researched ever since.


The joy of welcoming my baby girl inspired me to share my journey and findings through a website, which quickly attracted 200,000+ visitors. Helping many women over the years has been incredibly rewarding. The overwhelming response showed a profound desire for this knowledge, prompting me to create Gender Sway.


Thanks for visiting. I'm thrilled to support you on your own journey to sway the odds in favor of having the girl or boy of your dreams. 💚

Learn about Gender Swaying for free!

Become a member for free and get instant access to  over 30 Swaying Methods and our Swaying Masterclass

Discover effective, science-backed methods to help you conceive your dream girl or boy. Sign up now! 

Happy Family

Your Wish Is More Common Than You Think

Many parents wish for a girl or boy to balance their family. After having had a child of one gender, they often long to have a child of the other gender, a sentiment echoed in studies around the world.


Boost Your Odds

At Gender Sway, we understand and support your wish and help you to increase your chances of conceiving your desired gender from 50% to as much as over 80%. 

Fact- and science-backed information

Gender swaying can be confusing. We cut through the myths & disinformation and provide evidence-backed strategies, offering clear guidance, tips & tricks to empower your journey.

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Everything You Need, All in One Place

Gender Sway consolidates all essential information around gender swaying, enabling you to make informed, confident decisions.

The Power of Food

Recognizing the significant impact of food on gender swaying, we’ve partnered with certified fertility dietitians to create our unique EAT SWAY LOVE program. It not only supports gender swaying but also promotes your fertility and well-being.



Get your detailed Food Guide (online & PDF) to learn what to eat and what to avoid to sway for a Girl or Boy, incl. many tables, tips & tricks. Use our Quick Sway Food Item Lookup to quickly check 700+ food items on the go and enjoy our expert-designed Girl or Boy Swaying Meal Plans with 80+ recipes to sway your dreams come true. 

Start your Swaying Journey with Gender Sway

Let us be a part of your journey to fulfilling your family dreams, providing a path that’s clear, respectful, and rooted in science. 💚

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Become a member for free and get instant access to  over 30 Swaying Methods and our Swaying Masterclass. Sign up now! 

How does it work?

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  • Purchase your Girl or Boy Sway Plan

  • Create your personalized action plan covering all methods you choose

  • Master your food choices with our guides, tools, meal plans, and inspiring recipes

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  • Follow your plan and enjoy delicious meals.

  • Connect with our supportive community.

  • Boost your chances to up to 80%.

  • Chase your dream and embrace this exciting journey

Sway Smarter. Achieve Your Dream.

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