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After our boy was born and we were thinking about having another child, I couldn't help to wish for a baby girl. So I looked into ways to naturally influence - or sway - the chances of having a girl.


I found a jungle of old wives' tales and theories. Having an academic background (PhD), I  focused on concepts that have strong scientific evidence and spent hundreds of hours researching.


The result was astonishing!


Although you will not be able to 100% determine the gender of your future child through natural means, you can increase the chances of conceiving a preferred gender from approx. 50% to approx. 80% through one main factor (not timing):




I strictly followed a diet in line with the research and in the end I got my baby girl! So I wanted to share my research. ​


Here it is... 

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The research behind the girl diet



Learn more about what the girl diet is all about


Find what food to eat and what to avoid for the girl diet


Detailed tables with minerals for foods & drinks


Find a collection of recipes 

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I have received a lot of feedback asking for more support and advice.

I am working on it.  I would love to hear from you on what services you would appreciate most to help you with your swaying journey.

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