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Meal Plans & Recipes

Introducing Gender Sway's expertly crafted Meal Plans & Recipes, developed and approved by leading fertility dietitians.


These comprehensive plans are not only aligned with your gender swaying goal but are also designed to enhance fertility and overall health. With a focus on the right balance of nutrients, each meal plan is a blend of science-backed insights and practical, tasty recipes to guide you towards your desired gender outcome while promoting your general wellbeing.

Our Meal Plans and Recipes that stand unparalleled in the gender swaying advice field. Depending on your gender swaying goal, pick between our Girl or Boy Swaying Meal Plans ©. Each is designed to guide you, step by step, towards your dream outcome. 


Both plans include: 

  • Hardcopy of the Detailed Food Guide that navigates you through diverse food categories, educating you about food choices essential for the Girl or Boy Diet, including quick look-up tables and handy tips and tricks

  • Comprehensive 2-week Meal Plan developed and certified by a registered Dietitan (specialising in Fertility & Pregnancy) with a wide variety of recipes

  • Nutritional information for each recipe, as well as for the entire day and weekly overview

  • Shopping lists to simplify your grocery shop

  • Tips & tricks for smart cooking: Leverage meal prepping and leftover use

  • Additional recipes to complement and extend your diet options: Over 80 delicious and easy-to-follow recipes and snacks (including the ones within the meal plan) to sway for your preferred gender 

  • Over 160 pages (PDF) filled with high-quality, printable content tailored to enhance your sway journey.

  • Additionally, access our online and mobile versions to seamlessly engage with meal plans and recipes, complete with adjustable portion sizes

Please pick your Girl or Boy Plan below: 

Girl Diet Meal Plan & Recipes, How to conceive a girl through diet, gender sway diet
Boy Diet Meal Plan & Recipes, How to conceive a boy through diet, gender sway diet
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