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A Common Wish

Wishing for both a girl and a boy in your family? You're not alone.

Let's explore this common aspiration.

The Picture-Perfect Family: Beyond the Poster

When we think of the ideal family, many of us might picture that classic poster hanging in a doctor's office or an advertisement in a magazine. You know the one: it usually features smiling parents, a playful dog, and two kids - a boy and a girl, each perfectly embodying the joys of childhood. These images, while clichéd, tap into a common dream among many aspiring parents: the hope for a family that includes both a son and a daughter.

Understanding the Dream

This dream isn't about adhering to stereotypes or fulfilling societal expectations. It's about the desire for a rich and diverse family life. Parents dream of sharing life's adventures with their children, whether it's embarking on dinosaur expeditions in the backyard or organizing fairy tea parties in the living room. But it's not just about the activities; it's about the depth and variety of experiences that parents envision sharing with their children.

Happy Family_edited.png

A Common Dream

Feeling a tug in your heart when you see that poster isn't unusual. Research and surveys, including insights from the United States, Canada and Europe, consistently show that many parents, regardless of their first child's gender, often hope their next child will be of the opposite sex. This isn't about favoring one gender over the other; it's about the longing for a full spectrum of family life experiences. As Marcia Summers, a professor of educational psychology, notes, "Having a boy and a girl is considered the ideal American family.”

Seeking Diverse Family Experiences

Parents often wish for both a girl and a boy to enrich the family dynamic, enabling each child to explore a wide variety of play and fantasy worlds. The hope is for siblings to learn from each other, exploring both the traditionally "boyish" or "girlish" domains of play and imagination, and also learn to be respectful towards the opposite gender, fostering more equality. This exposure, many hope, ensures that each child appreciates and values a broad spectrum of experiences.

Happy Family

A Changing Conversation

What's truly promising is how the conversation around family dynamics is evolving. The desire for a balanced family is becoming more openly discussed, moving away from misunderstood judgments towards a more open and inclusive understanding and acknowledgment of this common aspiration. This shift in narrative reassures us that it's natural to wish for both a girl and a boy, reflecting a broader wish for a rich, multifaceted family life.

Embracing Your
Family Dream

In the end, whether your family fits the poster image or not, it's the unique combination of personalities, love, and shared experiences that truly defines it as complete.

Whilst you are in the stage of family planning, go ahead and dream without limits. Envision the magical world of your family story, where each element, from dinosaur roars to fairy wings, contributes its own special hue. As you take steps to shape your family's composition, remember it's okay to try to influence the outcome, to hope, and to strive for your heart's desires.

And when life unfolds, embrace it with open arms, knowing that every twist and turn adds to the beauty of your family's journey.

Family Portrait
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