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Get your food plan

At Sway natural, we are dedicated to empowering women in their journey to naturally and healthily sway for their dream girl or boy. 


We understand that adhering to the Girl or Boy diet can be challenging, as it requires balancing specific ratios of four key minerals rather than just consuming certain food quantities. To support you, we are collaborating with top dietitians to develop two types of food plans:

  1. Generic Food Plans: These standard meal plans cater to a broad range of dietary needs and preferences

  2. Personalized Food Plans (at a premium price): These customized meal plans are specifically tailored to your unique dietary requirements and preferences

Both options provide comprehensive meal plans (Girl or Boy diet), are aesthetically pleasing, easy to follow, and include detailed recipes, nutritional facts, shopping lists, along with essential tips and tricks for the Girl/Boy diet and general gender swaying.

Join our waitlist, and we will inform you once we are ready to provide you with your choice of a detailed & yummy food plan and recipes.

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